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Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

The anterior cruciate ligament (or ACL) is one of two ligaments situated in the middle of the knee, and is essential for the stability of the joint.

This ligament is torn commonly during a sporting activity, but may also result from a simple twisting injury to the knee.

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Arthroscopy Keyhole Surgery...

An arthroscopy involves the use of a device called an arthroscope to examine the inner workings of the joints.

This is a thin, metal tube about the length and width of a drinking straw that contains a light source and a camera.

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Cartilage Regeneration Knee Surgery

Young people often have niggling pain in the knees which is not severe and this can be caused by damage to the articular cartilage.

These symptoms are often ignored because they are not acute.

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Computer Navigated Surgery

Knee replacement is a very complex surgical procedure.

For a good outcome, it is essential that the prosthesis is placed very accurately.

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Cruciate Ligament Injury (ACL and PCL)

Inside each knee, there are two very strong ligaments providing stability to the joint.

ears of these ligaments can occur following significant trauma to the joint, often sustained during participation in sporting activities.

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Knee Arthritis (Osteo and Inflammatory)

Broadly speaking, there are two types of arthritis: Osteoarthritis and Inflammatory arthritis

Osteoarthritis – due to mechanical damage

Inflammatory arthritis – for example, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis.

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Meniscal (knee) Injury and Surgery

The meniscus is a crescent-shaped fibro-cartilage. There are two in each knee. They distribute the load that goes through the joint, and also provide some stability to the knee.

There are two in each knee. They distribute the load that goes through the joint, and also provide some stability to the knee.

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Patello-femoral Joint Replacement

A person experiencing pain going up and down stairs, may be suffering from arthritis of the front of the knee (which in medical terms is known as the patello-femoral or PFJ) compartment.

Although other surgical procedures may be performed to off-load this part of the joint, none give the patient relief from pain as consistently as replacement of this part of the joint.

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Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Although the procedure is called knee replacement, it would be much more accurate to describe it as knee resurfacing in light of what happens in the procedure.

This is because the surfaces of the thigh and shin bones are skimmed to remove all the damaged cartilage and to create an even surface upon which the prosthesis can then be placed.

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Uni-Compartmental Knee Replacement

Arthritis in the knee may start in either the medial (inner) or the lateral (outer) compartment.

If the arthritis is limited to either of these compartments, an experienced surgeon may be able to offer the patient a partial knee replacement. It is referred to as UKR or uni-compartment knee replacement.

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